Privacy Policy & ioBroker.iot Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, so we want to be explicit about what kind of personal information is involved when you interact with

This page is for the project as a whole. The project as such doesn't collect any personally identifying information from users.

Connection to your ioBroker instance.

Only email address is mandatory. All other information is optional and could be used for internal statistics.
Email address is required for password recovery and nothing more. No private information or email addresses will be given to other parties.
These are used in generating usage statistics about the number of unique users per day or per week of the corresponding instance of These IDs are generated in such a way that it is not possible to determine the identity of the device from the ID. We do not collect or send any personally identifiable data from your device.

The exact mechanisms for generating the ID are as follows: get user name and add random uuid to it.
You can check the uuid generation algorithm here.

Connection to Alexa service from Amazon.

The or ioBroker.iot Alexa skills are available on any device that supports the Alexa Voice Service, such as the Amazon Echo. Please refer to your device's privacy policy, as well Amazon’s privacy policy for Alexa, to better understand what information those devices and services may be collecting when any skill is used ( or other ioBroker Alexa skills do not have access to any information collected by these parties).